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The Loop - Team Honey Badger Weekly Update 1/22/24

Field Trainer Forum

Operation Assessment Update

3.33 Star

26.7% pizza remakes 12/45 pizzas

11.1% side remakes  3/27 sides

5 critical violations

Product Focus

Placement - Uneven topping distribution (6), visible rim on pan pizzas (2) and Garlic oil placement (caused 4 remakes)!

Please empower your load captain and oven tender to enforce standards!

Critical Focus

4 or more Undated / Expired products scored twice, Dough in use before first day of use, this includes small dough, product temp over 50 degrees and Mold found on thin crust.  


THB Food Quality score - 3.7 / Comp 3.9

Dennewitz 4.2 / Comp 4.0

Nicosia 4.0 / Comp 3.9

Rt41 3.9 / Comp 3.9

Team Contreras 3.7 / Comp 3.9

Lopez 3.7 / Comp 3.9

Take Note S 3.5 / Comp 3.9

Take Note A 3.4 / Comp 3.8

CSAT - All stores 6.46 / Comp 6.99

Top 3 Stores

1301 - 8.38

2683 - 8.35

1309 / 2629 - 8.33

Sending out PERFECT PRODUCTS with GREAT SERVICE will move our score above the competition!


Food Variance  - Week ending 1/7/24  +1.2%

Focus items - Overused

BP dough  + 4,673 (584 trays)  Keep an eye on PRP!

Large dough +  3,314 (552 trays)

Pizza Cheese + 1,652 lbs.


Focus items - Underused

Provolone cheese - 2,438 lbs., follow the recipe on pans, Brooklyn's, and specialty pizzas.

Parm Asiago - 230.7 lbs.

How are you communicating your overuse/ underuse with your team?


Feedback Tracker comments!

This week's word search was Fast Delivery, below are a few of the comments that popped up.

Store 1303 - Fast delivery, food was good and hot. Thank you!

Store 1914 - Fast delivery, thanks!!!!!!!

Store 1921 - The best Domino's to order from. Fast delivery and polite drivers!

XLB Update

Total Brooklyns sold

Week 1/Period 1 2023 (4041)

Week1/Period 1 2024 (6579)

National TV - Medium Pan 1 topping pizza $7.99 starts Monday January 8th


Dough Management 101 

Are you tired of constantly using under-proofed or blown dough? Having perfectly proofed dough is the first step to making great pizzas every time. Think about what is graded first on a cut test, the Rim! Take these steps to ensure you have perfectly proofed dough at all times!


1) Print out the dough proofing projection (Back office- Management-Inventory- Dough Inventory) This breaks it down by patties/trays you will need per hour. I would recommend adding a 10% buffer since we are getting busier every day. Print out a page of each size of dough and post it where it is communicated to everyone.

2) Proof dough away from the production area, find an area in your store with a controlled temperature. If you are unable due to space, proof as far away from the oven as possible. Cross stack your dough to ensure the whole stack proofs properly. (4 dough trays, 1 empty tray, rotate and repeat up to 25)

3) Store dough at least 3” away from the wall in your walk-in to allow proper air circulation to ensure even proofing. Store the furthest away from the walk-in door.

4) Order correctly on EFO, take the time to confirm amounts before placing. Not ordering enough will fall you into the danger zone of ending up with only green dough. If you are ordering too much, you run the risk of dough expiring. (Double check inventory to make sure it’s accurate before placing EFO order.)

5) Avoid using dough straight from the walk-in, yes this includes small dough. Use the dough proofing projection report to know how much small dough to proof and when.

 A reminder we are to NEVER use green or expired dough. Printing out the dough proofing projection can give you a heads up if you are at risk of running into using green dough. If you catch it early, this gives you time to start making phone calls to surrounding stores and your District Manager. If you are running into issues with dough management, please reach out to your support staff for some further guidance.

Let’s sell more great pizzas and have more fun!!

- Abby Vadner, Training Specialist 

Training Team Update 

There are new Operation Assessment standards that went into effect on January 1st. Please remind your team of these changes! Click HERE to view the changes. We recommend printing and posting this guide in your store!


 Thank you for the work that you do to make Team Honey Badger UNSTOPPABLE!



Tech Department Update 

An important update in regards to running End of Day:

After Stores have Ran End of Day.

They must press the RUN EXTRACTS BUTTON under Utilities before they go home.

This is very important that we complete this every night after running EOD. Please remind your team!



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